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Apes Spring Mini Tour — Part 2

Apes at the Austin Whole Foods epicenter

Saturday is supposed to be the day of rest. We decide to cancel our final SXSW show. Jeff’s hands are a mess of open, bloody wounds, and he needs several drum parts. Continue reading

Apes Spring Mini Tour — Part 1

Apes and Monotonix

The date is Saturday March 10th and I hereby declare that Apes Spring Mini-Tour 2007 is officially underway. I am currently sitting in the back left passenger’s captain chair of our beloved ’87 Ford Econoline Conversion van, better know as Vannie. It’s dark in here. Breck is driving. Jeff is in front, no longer the official navigator, as Mike B has given him a GPS and it has voice data software. And when the voice doesn’t direct, Jeff just turns the laptop screen toward the driver with the expectation that he/she will read the screen while driving 80 mph. Continue reading

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