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Shellshag SXSW Photo Blog

Shellshag at FXFU 2007

Shellshag tear Austin, Texas a new asshole… do you come here Austin? Continue reading

Panache SXSW Showcase Photo Blog


Lots of drinks, hugs and debauchery at the Panache SXSW showcase this year… here are some photos for now… more to come… Panache SXSW showcase @ the Flamingo Cantina, 3/16/07 …….THE MALL opened up the showcase to a crowd of excited 18 year old boys… Continue reading

24 Hours in New Mexico

Shakey Face Game — Round 1 (Yip Yip)

We are now in New Mexico, the land of enchantment… or so their license plate claims. Because we had the next day off, Las Cruces became our big party night. 24 hrs of debauchery in New Mexico, filled with drinking games, a 3 legged dog, bowling and 300 six packs. Continue reading

Panache Hits the Road. Destination: Awesome, Texas

Touring posse minus Green Milk

Panache hits the road. Destination: Austin, Texas. Partners in crime on this adventure: The Mall, Akimbo, Green Milk from the Planet Orange and Yip Yip. For now, here is a photo blog of our journey to SXSW. Stories to come soon! Continue reading

Monotonix Spring Tour

First show in nyc, ami slammed on the floor and looking like this for a week…. Continue reading

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