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Yip-Yip Tour Blog 2007

The start of the tour…. We were super-late to the first show. We didn’t leave Orlando until three o’clock. We got to the go bar pretty late, almost eleven o’clock. We were just in time for the show. We slept in the car in a parking lot because we couldn’t find a place to stay.

Darren of The Show is the Rainbow

Darren of The Show is the Rainbow

2007.02.10 Birmingham, AL
after dropping Spanish dancer off at the airport, we headed for Alabama. We stopped a couple of times at some flea malls and antique shops. it was a pretty nice day, but it was starting to get pretty cold. The people at the bottletree were really nice and we got some really good food. They also had a sweet airstream trailer in the parking lot for us to hang out in. we stayed with guhts, the opening act. He was really nice and he had a sweet place. Unfortunately for Darren (TSITR), he also had cats. Darren slept in the van.

2007.02.11 Huntsville, AL
we left in the afternoon, it was a pretty short drive to Huntsville. We ate at waffle house on the way. We were really early to the flying monkey, so we went to best buy. Brian bought a really cool voice recorder with variable speeds. The show was a lot of fun. The group hug and the can kickers were awesome. We stayed with the group hug at their house. The next day was off. we drove toward hot springs because Darren knows people there that could put us up. We got there pretty late in the evening. We watched zoolander. We chilled out.

2007.02.13 Hot Springs, AK
we went bowling with tsitr. Darren and his merch friend, zach, ttly pwnd us at bowling. Brian won the third of three games. I came in last place every time. After bowling, the people at the exchange made food for us and it was really really good. I thought the other bands on the bill were really good this night. An A+ setup and church of the snake. We watched zoolander again, with commentary.

Jason and Matt SAF

Jason and Matt SAF

2007.02.14 Bloomington, IN
we drove all day, trying to get to Bloomington. It was supposed to be a 10.5 hour drive, but we didn’t know we were going back to the eastern time zone. Also, the weather got pretty bad on the way there. We were too late to play the show. So after throwing snowballs at each other and sliding on the ice of an elementary school parking lot for an hour or so, we just started driving toward Columbus. We all slept in tsitr’s van in a walmart parking lot.

Brian of Yip Yip

Brian of Yip Yip

2007.02.15 Columbus, OH
there was a blizzard through a lot of ohio, Columbus was completely covered in snow. We allotted ourselves extra time on the drive, and we were pretty early for the show. We watched jeopardy at the office of Cafe Bourbon Street and ate taco ninja. This show was one of our worst shows in every imaginable way. We slept in the van again in another walmart parking lot.

2007.02.16 chicago, IL
we got to the city pretty early, we stopped at bojan’s house. He is a friend of Darren and darren’s records were shipped there. We all went to the beat kitchen together. The show was really fun. All of the bands were super nice and good. Also, three or four people that we knew in florida moved to chicago and showed up at the show. Everything about this show as awesome. We stayed with bojan at his place.

2007.02.17 Grand Rapids, MI
we put all of our gear in tsitr’s van because the weather in Michigan is especially brutal. we planned to leave our car in Chicago, with bojan and come back for it after the shows in Michigan. It was a pretty brutal drive to grand rapids, but Darren is a pretty seasoned driver, and he’s from the midwest so we put our faith in him. He got us there safely and we ate bad Chinese food when we got there. The DAAC is a cool diy space. i hope kids appreciate places like that in cities like that. We don’t have any diy spaces in Orlando. Jeff was really nice and put us up after the show. He had a lot of really neat and weird stuff at his place and some of his original artwork was pretty incredible.

2007.02.18 Houghton, MI
this drive was the one of the worst drives ever. It was nine hours through snowy, two-lane highways. There are these things called pasties everywhere in northern Michigan. Everybody sells them there. We never got to eat one, but I’m not so sure I’d want to. They’re like a pastry with a meal inside. Like stew, with a shell, I guess. This show was supposed to be at a cool venue in Marquette, but it burned down. Then it was moved to a hotel in Marquette, then the hotel said they couldn’t do shows there anymore. So ryan had his friend tyler help him get the show at a college in Houghton. Houghton is an hour and a half north of Marquette. Tyler, at the collge, was really nice and his jokes were incredible. This was weird show in a meeting room of some college. There were jocks there. It ended up being fun and all of the jocks left before the show started. After the show, we ate an incredible meal at perkins and watched Harold and kumar go to white castle.

2007.02.19 Day off
we drove back to Chicago, to get our car and stay with bojan again. We ate at tgifridays, which Darren had been wanting to do since the beginning of the tour. He loves those macaroni and cheese balls.

2007.02.20 Iowa City, IA
I was really glad this show was all ages. It had to be early though, because it was fat Tuesday and the streets would be flooded with drunk people late in the evening. Red, the sound guy at the picador was really nice and a really good sound person. There was an awesome record store a couple of blocks away from the venue. Two acoustic performers opened the show. It’s not really my bag baby, but it was good. Redbear was interesting, to me, because he used odd time signatures. He had one song in 13/8. We each ate a whole pizza after the show and watched demolition man. Then we enhanced our calm and went to sleep.

2007.02.21 Davenport, IA
we shopped a little bit in iowa city, before leaving for davenport. It was a super-short drive. The shortest drive of tour, I think. So we had plenty of time to kill. This was another really weird night. We played at the redstone room of the river city music experience. It was like a museum of jazz and blues music. The show went surprisingly well. Everyone at the redstone room was nice and there was a lot of people there. after the show, we stayed with a really nice, weird person, called buddy. he took us to a restaraunt called ross’ that served mountains. brian and i each had a meatless mountain.

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