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Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

Columbia, Missouri: We got to town a little early and met up with cooper, a friend of Darren. We ate some vegan chilli and got ice cream and played some arcade games downtown before the show. The show was at a horror-themed bar called the Eastside Tavern. The sound was awful, but the people were pretty nice.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

The drive from the venue back to cooper’s place was insane. We took a ‘shortcut’ through the woods on some super-bumpy dirt roads. Darren slept in the van again because cooper had cats.

2007.02.23 Kansas City, MO
The pistol is a really cool warehouse where people live and other people do shows. The sound guy was a boner. Darren played first, then we played, then the ssion played. They were completely insane and completely amazing. There was a point in their set when about thirty boys in underpants with black noses were all dancing and grinding on each other. It was pretty crazy. Also, there were tons of people there. We stayed with j. Ashley miller, from ssion. He used to live here in Orlando a few years ago. He moved to kc to build and run a studio. Our roommate, jon kraft used to live at the studio, too. It’s pretty incredible. Also, the mixing console is the mixing console used to record Michael jackson’s thriller album. It was really quiet and dark and comfortable. After playing with all of j. ashley’s instruments, we slept very well. I woke up to the familiar sound of steely dan’s aja. J. Ashley made us a pretty incredible breakfast of fresh eggs (he also has chickens) and rice and potatoes. It was the best breakfast of tour.

2007.02.24 Omaha, NE
This was darren’s cd release party. There was a blizzard and also bright eyes was having a secret show in town. We went to some nice record stores with zach and got some good pizza. It was snowing pretty badly. Not a whole lot of people braved the storm to come see us. We thought we were going to have to cancel a couple of shows due to weather. We stayed in Omaha, with some friends of Darren.

2007.02.25 Denver, CO
We thought that we would have to cancel this show for real. It was an 8-hour drive in normal weather and everything was pretty screwed up in Omaha. There was like a foot of snow everywhere. It was sad to say goodbye to Darren again. He’s our favorite tour buddy ever. We’ve probably played 33 shows with him. Maybe more. About an hour from Omaha, there was, miraculously, no snow on the ground at all. It was super-strange. We got to Denver without any problems. There was a super nice record store that was huge in Denver. We played at a really nice clothing store. Everyone was super-nice, too. Pictureplane was also really good, even though he was sick. After the show, he offered to put us up. He stays in a really big warehouse with lots of people. It’s pretty radical. It’s like summer camp all the time. there are ladders and lofts and lots of places. He and I watched slacker, which is a little bit boring. It’s just different people in Austin, texas talking the whole time. it sort of gives the impression that everyone is Austin is insane. 2007.02.26 Day off We spent this day driving. Not much happened. Brian was getting a little sick. I drove mostly. We just drove though Wyoming and it was pretty beautiful. But also, there were dead prarie dogs on the highway about every 500 feet from casper to the end of Wyoming. We stopped and stayed at a hotel in buffalo, Wyoming. We did our laundry and used their internet and watched bad adam sandler movies on cable. Also we ate taco john’s more than once on this day. I wish we had those here. It’s so much better than taco bell. 2007.02.27 Bozeman, MT We got to Bozeman early. Ben, our contact there was super-sick, but he took us to some nice record stores and the co-op. the show was in a weird, supposedly legendary, bar called the filling station. There weren’t many people there. Most of the people looked like they probably wouldn’t enjoy what we do at all. I know it’s not good to judge people like that, or think like that about our band, but I can’t help it sometimes. Anyway, we played and everyone was really nice about it. They seemed to be pretty into it. We stayed with ben and we watched creepshow. The house was super cold, so brian turned the heat up from 54 to 74, but don’t tell ben’s roommate. he woke up in the morning and screamed his head off about how effing hot it was and what the eff and a lot of other effs. He was super-pissed.

2007.02.28 Missoula, MT
We left early because ben was pretty sick and we didn’t want to bum him out or get ourselves sick. So, we got to Missoula pretty early. We found some pretty neat stores. We went to our new friend, niki’s house. She made us some nice vegan food and we listened to records and read magazines. She had a nice coffee table made of coffee cans. I thought it was pretty clever. The show was at a nice all ages venue called the loft. The first band, I forgot their name, was a pretty awesome psychedelic band. Everyone in the band was under 18 and they were pretty radical. Also, they were really nice and they seemed pretty psyched to be playing with us. We stayed at nikki’s house and it was really cozy. I slept in a bed for maybe the first time on tour.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

2007.03.01 Bellingham, WA
This was another long drive. That tip of Idaho was pretty brutal, but also beautiful. We stopped in a small town at a pizza place that had arcade games and pinball. They also had a sign on the door that said “we toss ’em, they’re awesome”. There were several antique stores in the town, too. We spent an hour there, the pizza place dropped brian’s spaghetti on the floor. We ended up being pretty late to the show. The show was weird. A couple of people were pretty nice, but mostly nobody talked to us. After we played, a few kids talked to us a bunch. They were all from walla-walla, Washington. We played there almost two years ago and they were all at that show. We stayed with them. They made us spaghetti and we talked for a long time. They were super-smart kids. They were also a lot of fun. We watched the killer nerd before we fell asleep. That movie is incredible.

2007.03.02 Seattle, WA
We had a relatively short drive this day. We went to everyday music in Bellingham before leaving. They had a really good used lp section. We got to seattle early. We walked around the neighborhood near the venue. I got a cup of coffee and a pita from pita pit and we went to the everyday music there. They had an even better used lp section and a huge bargain lp section. We eventually went to the comet tavern. Everybody there was super-nice. The guy who was running sound-joe, I think-was so nice and he really had his stuff together. Every question we could have asked, he already had answered. Also, Petie Pablo was playing across the street. One of the local bands on this show, sugar skulls, was freaking incredible. We stayed with luke, who was in another of the local bands that played, spirit of radio. They were also awesome. This was definitely one of my favorite shows of tour. He was super nice. He took us to get cheap Chinese food in the morning and to a couple of record stores.

2007.03.03 Portland, OR
Last time we were in Portland, we thought it was super-awesome and a potential place to live. They have a lot of vegetarian restaurants and bike lanes everywhere. We were also hanging out with chad a:, who used to live there. He knew all of the good places to go. This time, we were on our own and we got to see how really uncool Portland is. Sure it’s bike and vegetarian friendly, and there are lots of nice stores and that sweet arcade, ground control. But other than that, it’s just another city. That’s the impression I got this time, anyway. Anyway, the rotture was a nice place in a not-so-nice area. They had nice food. Also, I was psyched to see that they had a pinball machine we haven’t played before. It was tales from the crypt and it didn’t work. We were bummed. Some of our friends from Orlando, who moved to Portland because it’s ‘cool’ came out. Some of them didn’t come out because hella was playing that night. An improv noise duo played first. They had some really good ideas. Noise is just hard for me to get into. Also, yacht played. We stayed with our friend ellen. She had a crazy dog and a cat that looked like a small, orange Christina ricci. I stayed up all night and watched cable.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

2007.03.04 Arcata, CA
This was one of the weirdest shows of tour. We got to Arcata fairly early after an insane drive through windy mountain roads. There wasn’t much going on there. There was a square in the middle of town, where the venue was. There were some hippies and homeless people doing a drum circle in the square. Everything else in the square was closed. It was Sunday. There were two closed record stores, two closed bookstores and four or five bars that were open. Being non-drinkers, we were not interested. We drove around the whole city looking for something to do. We didn’t find anything. So, we ate at the alibi, where we were to play. There was almost nobody there. The sound system was unusable. so it sounded pretty crappy and we played a pretty short set. There was a couple of really nice girls that were pretty excited and nice and said we should have played a house show. the show at the alibi was 21+. They said that there was a ton of kids who wanted to come, but couldn’t. We left after the show because we have a friend in reddings, CA, a few hours away from Arcata. brian drove the whole way, I think. It was dark and curvy and there were cliffs inches away from the highway. It was pretty scary but also beautiful. We got to chris and cassie’s house late, maybe around five. 2007.03.05 Redding, CA We were supposed to be off this day, but our friend chris said he could set up a show for us. He mostly just wanted to see us play. We mostly just hung around their house all day while they were at work. They have a dog and internet access, so brian was happy. They also had books and cable, so I was happy. We played at a small bar called red, white & brew. It sounded better than I expected. There was some kind of turn-out, which was better than I expected. And people there were really nice. We got to hang out with chris too, which was really nice.

2007.03.06 Davis, CA
Chris took the day off, so we got to hang out with him in redding. He took us to a neat junk/antique store and some music stores. There was a really great small music store where I found a really great effects pedal and brian found a really great rocktagon cymbal. We didn’t have to leave for davis until around five. We got there early still. I had some super hot tofu at delta of venus and some super good coffee. There wasn’t a whole lot of people there. Clip’d beaks played first, then us. We stayed with the people who put on the show who also work at kdvs. They were super nice and total record nerds. They played us some crazy records and I played them some crazy records. I read a book they had about chindogu before falling asleep.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

2007.03.07 Santa Cruz, CA
We left pretty early from davis because this was the day we met up with matt from s.a.f. we were pretty excited. he was at home, eating pizza when we got there. he asked if we wanted to go to pizza my heart, where he works, to get some pizza. we did. it was right on the beach in capitola. it was really nice and sort of like Daytona beach. matt rules and it was really great to hang out with him for the day. we went to some record stores in santa cruz. I found some really good cheap records including environment volume 4 and morton subotnick’s silver apples of the moon. we got to the venue, 418 project, a little early and there were some drum circle type of guys drumming and lots of women and girls dancing and sweating all over the place inside. i thought it was pretty neat. there was a pretty good turnout plus we got to play with matt in an environment other than cmj music fest. we hadn’t done that before. so it was a little more relaxed and we played well, I think. we stayed at matt’s house, it was pretty nice.

2007.03.08 San Francisco, CA
we woke up pretty late and visited matt at pizza my heart. he tossed us up a really great pizza and we ate it and walked on the beach and saw some places where lost boys was filmed. then we left for san Francisco. we got to michelle’s at a reasonable hour and walked around her neighborhood a little. it was also nice to meet michelle properly. we met before, but it was at cmj and it was all a little crazy. we got to go to aquarius records. we’ve been into the website for a long time. they always seem to have good reviews about records. I was really surprised by how small the place was. the show was a lot of fun. some of our friends who moved to san Francisco came out and that was nice. we stayed up pretty late after the show talking to michelle and that was also really nice.

2007.03.09 Visalia, CA
Finally, the show we were looking forward to all tour! we got to play in a pizza place and eat all the pizza we wanted for free. plus the show was all ages and in a smaller town. those are my favorite shows always. also it sounded really good and there was a good turnout and kids were having a lot of fun and dancing and it was great. we stayed with some nice people who had one of those pivit balancing boards. I had a lot of fun on that. we also watched beerfest, which was horrible.

2007.03.10 Los Angeles, CA
the kids in Visalia that we stayed with gave us a nice parting gift. a talking pee-wee herman doll. we had a lot of time to kill in the morning, so we went to borders. I bought a dave Sedaris book because it was in the bargain bin. we tried to kill as much time as possible, but we were more than two hours early to l.a. we just sat in the car. I got some really good falafel. we may have napped in the car, I’m not sure. the kids in radical posture were the first ones to the venue besides us. they were really nice kids. they named their band after the name of a song of ours that we stole from the tv show the young ones. the show was a lot of fun. there were nine bands that played that night. everything went surprisingly smoothly and all of the bands were awesome. that place is seriously incredible. I wish there was something like that around where I lived as a kid. I hope those kids in l.a. know how amazing that place is. it was really good to see the mall and green milk from the planet orange again. those dudes rule. the mall, gmftpo, akimbo, and yip-yip all stayed with bj, from health in pasadina. I think there were probably sixteen people sharing his apartment that night. it was a lot of fun staying up late and hanging out with all of them. nat, from akimbo, is one of the best story-tellers ever. also he was wearing a nirvana bleach era t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. and jon (also from akimbo) was wearing a devo t-shirt. so that was pretty exciting. also, neither of them changed their shirts until some time after we parted ways after sxsw. anyway, it was one of the most fun nights of tour.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

2007.03.11 Phoenix, AZ
nice drive. phoenix seems like a weird place. there were a few kids at the show who were excited about us. we talked to them for a while. my korg ms-10 did not work when we were setting up to play. I was super bummed out. I think there was something weird with the power at the venue. we got a hotel after the show because I wanted to have some relatively quiet space to try to figure out what was wrong with my korg. after driving almost an hour east of phoenix, we got a hotel room. it was almost two am by the time we got there. we paid too much money, but it was late and there was nothing else in the desert. so we got a room with a couch and a bed. I took apart my keyboard and looked for any signs of internal damage and everything looked okay. it was a little dirty, so I cleaned it. then I plugged it in, not really expecting it to work, but it did! that was a relief. that keyboard is an absolute necessity for us.

2007.03.12 La Mesilla, NM
we had been looking forward to this day on tour also. this was the day we were going to go to the Chicago music store in tuscon, AZ. we went there on our last west coast tour with zom zoms and it was awesome. the amount of vintage, weird, hard-to-find and obsolete gear they have there is amazing. we spent a couple of hours there probably. we ran into several other bands on their ways to sxsw, also. we found some nice electronic drum stuff that we could afford. there was also a ton of stuff that we would have liked to buy. we also stopped at ‘the thing’. that was pretty awesome, too. we met up with gmftpo at a gas station somewhere near the nm/az border. there were three other bands there on their way to sxsw. brian started to think that this sxsw thing was going to be a little crazy. we were sort of late for the show. everyone else was even later than us. it was a strange house in a strange neighborhood. but the people there were mostly nice. it was another late night after the show hanging out with akimbo, the mall, gmftpo and michelle. we took some shaky-face pictures and dan, from the mall came up with the name shaky-face mini-tour. we were off the next day.

2007.03.13 Day Off El Paso
although el paso is only forty-five minutes from la Mesilla, we spent our day off there. there’s nothing really east of el paso until Austin. just 8 or 10 hours of desert. half of the sfmt wanted to see 300, and half wanted to go bowling. we went and saw 300 with akimbo and 2/3 of gmftpoat a movie theater near a mall. then we went to the bowling alley and me up with the rest. we bowled a little and brian pwned everybody. we had to get up early the next morning. I slept with akimbo in their hotel room and watched stay tuned.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

2007.03.14 San Antonio
we had to get up and leave early. around nine am. we got a crummy breakfast at a Mexican restaurant. then we drove a lot. the show in san Antonio was a mess. we thought there was going to be about seven bands on the bill, but when we got to the venue, we were told that there were twenty-one bands. it was ridiculous. after the show, we went to michelle’s hotel in Austin with the mall and her. it was a little tight, but it was late and I think we were all tired and I don’t think anybody minded much.

2007.03.15 Austin, TX
we had a daytime party show, which was weird. I always feel weird playing in daylight. we blew our subwoofer. we must have blown it the night before or possibly the night before that. either way, it was blown and brian was super-bummed. shellshag played right next door a little while after we played. we watched them and gary barftits and the mae shi. after they played, we found a record store called cheapo. we were surprised when we found out there was a band playing there called the carrots. some of our friends from Austin are in the band. I really liked it. I was hungry so I found a whole foods. there was a sweet tribalish drum duo playing out front. I think eventually, we went to our friend patrick’s house.

2007.03.16 Austin, TX
this was the day of our showcase at sxsw. I was pretty nervous about what kind of insane traffic or parking situations we were going to have to deal with. we met Darren at some point and he helped us figure out what to do. we decided to park about three blocks from the flamingo cantina and bring our equipment there. it sounded like a really good idea at first. I mean, it was a really good parking space. it took us a pretty long time and the gear got pretty heavy. the showcase had a really good line-up. it’s all in the panache sxsw photo blog. all the bands are good. there are a couple of really important things that happened that night. I heard a familiar voice coming from an unfamiliar face. the face was talking to nat, of akimbo and it belonged to Jello Biafra! also, two crusty punk kids had sex between the dumpsters behind the flamingo cantina. travis, from zom zoms was there. so was Darren and his girlfriend. even our friend bluebird was there. he is from Orlando, he moved to Canada. it was really nice to see so many of our friends there. we stayed with Patrick and rosemary again.

2007.03.17 Austin, TX
another daytime party. this time at snake eyes vinyl. Darren played first. it was a really weird environment. again, it was daylight. also the sound system wasn’t that great. also, chad a: from zom zoms was there. he commented on how nice it is that we can sound good in a really good, heavy sound system and also sound good, but different, in a distorted, small sound system. I think that’s important. we hung out with him before we played. we got some slices and ices at slices and ices and we saw the talking lbj robot. I think this was the day we took our subwoofer to a music store to see if it was the speaker or the amp. if it was the speaker, it could have been replaced. it was the amp, of course. I think this was the night we played in low red center at an art exhibit. we were both asked to play. I played saxophone. brian played some synth drum stuff and effects. it was improvised. neither of us are good at improv music, but we’re not real musicians. it was fun anyway. the art was good. also, our friend Patrick was playing as pat a. physics. I thought it was pretty incredible. we stayed with Patrick and rosemary again.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

2007.03.18 Austin, TX
I think we went to chad’s house and shot some neat video stuff and played with his video sketchpads. that was pretty awesome. we also got to play with his modular synth and lots of other toys. we were supposed to just hang out this day, but we decided to play awthumfetht, set up by the guy from assacre. we mostly wanted to play because Patrick was playing again. also some other bands of friends of ours. we went to patrick’s house and rented some movies from a really sweet movie store that has everything we would ever want. we settled on a captain beefheart documentary sort of thing and a lost and found video.

2007.03.19 Houston, TX
we had to leave Austin and all of our friends. worse than that, we had to go to Houston, one of my personal least favorite cities. but the people at super-happy fun land are super nice. they make some good vegan chili, too. also, we got to play and hang out with gmftpo again. they are serious shredders and seriously nice dudes. after the show, we all started jamming. it was really fun for the first hour or so, but then all of these other kids got in on it and were screaming and touching our gear and I got a little nervous. also, somebody detuned my keyboard. it went on for three hours, seriously.

2007.03.20 Shreveport, LA
we got to Shreveport sort of early. alec was nice. and there was food there for us to eat. that was nice. house shows are fun, especially when the house is clean and there is a decent sound system. we had to do some tweaking with the sound system. there were a lot of nice people there. I slept in a bed! that was awesome.

2007.03.21 New Orleans, LA
another easy drive. new Orleans was still pretty fucked up. but I think maybe it always was. the streets are super-narrow and all one-ways. one-eyed jack’s was a nice place. they had reserved parking for us, that was super-awesome because parking is one of my least favorite things about tour. also the sound guy was super-nice and really had his stuff together. also, this kid, peppermint pony played. he really likes us and he’s a kid and he got on the show. that’s awesome. we found a place to stay with a really nice guy. we all slept in the kitchen. they made us some killer food. it was so good that k, from green milk actually LOLed. also he had a lot of soda in glass bottles. also, his roommate was awesome and super-serious. he was just like Dwight from the office. I always thought Dwight was a little extreme. too extreme to be realistic. but this guy was basically Dwight.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

2007.03.22 Mobile, AL
we drove around the city (of new Orleans) a little bit before leaving. we went to a record store and got some food and drove around and saw a bunch of destroyed things. I think it was a pretty long drive to mobile. mobile was pretty dead looking. there didn’t seem to be anything going on anywhere. there were five touring bands on the show. there weren’t many people there. kiss kiss was good. we all ate donuts from a krispie kreme right near the house we stayed in. a couple of really nice people put kiss kiss, green milk and us up.

2007.03.23 Atlanta, GA
I’ve never liked Atlanta. we’ve never had a really good show in Atlanta. the show went just okay. Atlanta always seems really weird to me. it’s a huge city. there ought to be a lot of weird kids or kids into weird music. but also, there doesn’t seem to be much of a sense of community there. there doesn’t seem to be any ‘scene’ or anything. maybe I just don’t know where to look. we stayed with a friend of green milk. his name is ted. he lives in and runs a record store. he built himself an apartment in the back of his record store. it’s small and obviously built for one person. everyone jammed for a pretty long time. mostly I just wanted to go to sleep. I ended up sleeping in the record store in the dollar bin. I bought a few records from there in the morning.

2007.03.24 Charleston, SC
this was the night we were going to head home after the show. I think we played first. I couldn’t watch the two local bands. I was really just tired of music and I just wanted to go home. I sat outside and talked to some guy named buxton. he was a little weird but very nice. I didn’t cut my hair on tour, so I had this long part in the front. he told me it was called a hang-bang. I thought that was pretty funny. I did watch green milk because they shred. we left almost immediately after the show. we drove through the night and got home at about eight thirty am. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t.

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

2007.03.25 Orlando, FL
the show was early, but we were only eight miles from the venue, so we just hung out with our girlfriends this day. it was really nice to be home. I missed my bed and my bike a lot. the turnout at the show was a little disappointing really. it was an all ages show in our home town. I was expecting to see some of our friends at least. it was fun anyway. also, green milk was having serious technical difficulties which the sound guy, fedge, couldn’t seem to fix. the show was over early, so we just hung out with green milk at our house after the show and that was fun.

2007.03.26 Orlando, FL
day off with green milk. birdie, t (from green milk) and I rode bikes to the store and the bank. brian had to go back to work. some of our friends came over that night and we just hung out with green milk and them.

2007.03.27 Tampa, FL
we got free shoes at this show. that was awesome. the show was supposed to be at the skatepark. we love playing there. the show was moved to a bar called crow bar. it’s pretty nice and everyone there is really great to us. even wolf, the bouncer with a bone in his nose and tattoos on his face. but it’s no skatepark. the show was promoted by our friend matt, from the skatepark, who totally rules. our friend uh-oh spades! also played. he’s a shredder and I think t really liked him.we came back to home after the show because it’s only a couple of hours. the next morning I took t to skycraft. skycraft is a pretty radical place for nerds. they have rocket building supplies, electronic gear and parts, adhesives, wave generators, oscilloscopes, assorted cables, car audio accessories, batteries, and home improvement supplies. it’s a really sweet place that is also, apparently, legendary with sound tech guys. t bought a gas mask. I’m not a very good writer so this blog thing is mostly just facty. if you want to read something a lot more entertaining, you should probably read akimbo’s blog.

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