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Akimbo Photo Blog From Mini Northwest Tour

Akimbo outside of Chiribin's — Bellingham, WA

Akimbo blog coming soon… but in the meantime here are a bunch of photos Michelle took while on the little mini tour of the northwest with DMBQ … once again, another week of cascading hair and beer … the sweet sounds of Nirvana and sparks narrating the journey as we barreled up the coast back to Akimbo’s homeland, Seattle. Continue reading

Bangin’ the Withdrawal

AIDS Wolf in Zagbreb

You know, I’ve always said that weekenders are the worst. It’s just a tease of touring, all the prep but as soon as you start feeling like you’re in the swing of things – BAM! it’s time to go home and nurse what my friend Craig refers too as post-partum depression. But with weekenders it’s mixed with blue balls cause you just KNOW that if you had play another 2-3 shows you would really gave it. Right? Continue reading

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