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Panache Announces New Additions to the Roster: Redd Kross, Imperial Teen, Dent May, Maria Minerva, Gap Dream & more

Red Kross

Panache is thrilled to announce several new additions to our roster. We’re excited to welcome Redd Kross, Imperial Teen, Dent May, Maria Minerva, Gap Dream, Pop. 1280, Blind Shake, The Mallard, Dignan Porch, and MV & EE to Panache. 2012 will be an exciting year of touring, festivals and Panache showcases and events that we will be announcing in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates, and check out our new artists. Continue reading

Panache SXSW Wrap Up!

Panache SXSW Photos 2012

Panache is thrilled to wrap up another successful year at SXSW. Our five events were packed with positive energy and good vibes, and sold out with lines around the block. Thanks to all the bands, fans, and Panache crew who made this amazing week possible. Here’s some photos courtesy of our lovely photographer Jackie Roman. Click here to see photos. Continue reading

Garotas Suecas US Tour

Good people in Philly

So we are the Garotas Suecas, from São Paulo, Brazil and we just finished playing our first US tour, which was made possible by our beautiful friend Michele. Here are some pictures and highlights of our cosmic sonic times up here on the north hemisphere. Continue reading

Akimbo Photo Blog From Mini Northwest Tour

Akimbo outside of Chiribin's — Bellingham, WA

Akimbo blog coming soon… but in the meantime here are a bunch of photos Michelle took while on the little mini tour of the northwest with DMBQ … once again, another week of cascading hair and beer … the sweet sounds of Nirvana and sparks narrating the journey as we barreled up the coast back to Akimbo’s homeland, Seattle. Continue reading

Bangin’ the Withdrawal

AIDS Wolf in Zagbreb

You know, I’ve always said that weekenders are the worst. It’s just a tease of touring, all the prep but as soon as you start feeling like you’re in the swing of things – BAM! it’s time to go home and nurse what my friend Craig refers too as post-partum depression. But with weekenders it’s mixed with blue balls cause you just KNOW that if you had play another 2-3 shows you would really gave it. Right? Continue reading

DMBQ 2007 Tour Photos

Ryuichi and Matsui at the Satyricon — Portland, OR

Japanese psych rockers DMBQ have returned to the US for a 3-week tour of the states. This will mark their first national American tour in nearly two years. A week into it, they blazed through the northwest with Seattle rockers Akimbo. Here’s a photo blog of some of their live debauchery. All photos by Michelle Cable. Continue reading

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

Yip Yip Tour Blog Part 2

Columbia, Missouri: We got to town a little early and met up with cooper, a friend of Darren. We ate some vegan chilli and got ice cream and played some arcade games downtown before the show. The show was at a horror-themed bar called the Eastside Tavern. The sound was awful, but the people were pretty nice. Continue reading

Akimbo SXSW Tour Blog … Tons of Beer, Hair and Rock

Jon of Akimbo, self-portrait

Tour started in Medford, Oregon at Johnny B’s. The show was set up by our good friends Stacy and Kimbo Schrag and would be the first of many with Green Milk From the Planet Orange from Tokyo. Green Milk is a three piece that plays psychedelic jam rock, seated on stage in metal folding chairs, and is one of those bands that is so proficient they kind of make me feel like our band is a joke that gets by on volume. They have the nicknames “K” (guitar/vocals), “T” (bass) and “Ace” (drums) which they stick to outside of band life and only makes them more intriguing and awesome. Technically it was our second show with them if you count our kick off show in Seattle at the Comet Tavern, but I don’t count Seattle shows as being on tour. Continue reading

Apes Spring Mini Tour — Part 1

Apes and Monotonix

The date is Saturday March 10th and I hereby declare that Apes Spring Mini-Tour 2007 is officially underway. I am currently sitting in the back left passenger’s captain chair of our beloved ’87 Ford Econoline Conversion van, better know as Vannie. It’s dark in here. Breck is driving. Jeff is in front, no longer the official navigator, as Mike B has given him a GPS and it has voice data software. And when the voice doesn’t direct, Jeff just turns the laptop screen toward the driver with the expectation that he/she will read the screen while driving 80 mph. Continue reading

Yip-Yip Tour Blog 2007

Jason and Matt SAF

The start of the tour…. We were super-late to the first show. We didn’t leave Orlando until three o’clock. We got to the go bar pretty late, almost eleven o’clock. We were just in time for the show. We slept in the car in a parking lot because we couldn’t find a place to stay. Continue reading

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